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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brad Paisley in Bristow, VA - July 12, 2008


“I don’t care which political party you belong to: Republican or Democrat – tonight you’re all members of the Paisley Party and we’re gonna have a good time!” Brad Paisley exclaimed as he took the stage July 13th at Nissan Pavilion.  Trust me, with Paisley at the helm you’re going to have a fantastic concert experience.  From the moment he stepped into the spotlight and walked down the catwalk reaching far into the crowd he took command.   Opening with “Mud on the Tires” and quickly moving through “Better Than This” and “The World,” Brad Paisley dazzled the crowd with his incredible guitar skills and ever changing selection of uniquely designed paisley guitars.

Mid-way through the concert I was mesmerized by the creative, computer generated cartoon animation utilized to introduce Brad and his band members in the form of superheroes battling super villains.  More impressive was the fact that the animation was done by Brad Paisley himself.

Several times throughout the evening on-screen images played an important role in the musical numbers.  Alison Krauss made a virtual appearance to sing “Whiskey Lullaby” with Brad.  Dierks Bentley appeared briefly on screen for a humorous exchange during “Celebrity” and a previously recorded B.B. King announced “B.B. and B.P. are back in town!” launching into a rousing guitar number.  We experienced a sense of loss and appreciation for those who have gone before as Brad sang “When I Get Where I’m Going” while a montage of familiar faces (Ronald Regan, John F. Kennedy, crew members of the Challenger space shuttle, Dale Earnhardt, Porter Wagoner, and more recently Tim Russert) flashed on the screen.

Brad Paisley has the remarkable ability to move from sensitive ballads into witty, fun-loving songs with ease.  Preparing us for something new, in true Paisley fashion he said “this is one of the most romantic songs I’ve ever written” and with a tender touch on the guitar he proceeded to sing, “She just wants me to support her, and the best way that I’ve found, …with a gentle hand and a loving touch, I put that toilet seat down.”

Jewel with Brad Paisley
Opening for Brad was Dancing with the Stars sensation, Julianne Hough, who’s lively performance included her latest hit, “That Song in My Head.”  Chuck Wicks from the short lived show “Nashville” performed his hit single, “Stealing Cinderella” as well as his new release, “All I Ever Wanted.”  The folk/pop/country artist, Jewel, was probably the most well known of the opening acts.  She sang “Stronger Woman” and “I Do” from her recent album but received greater applause for her older works, “Who Will Save Your Soul” and “You Were Meant for Me” ending her set with an old-fashioned yodel.  She later returned for a duet with Brad singing, “That’s the Way Love Goes.”

There was something for everyone at this concert.  Brad Paisley was true to his word – by the end of the night I definitely felt like I had been to a party and I had a blast!

Brad Paisley’s Set List:
  1. Mud On the Tires 
  2. Better Than This 
  3. The World 
  4. Wrapped Around Your Finger 
  5. She’s Everything 
  6. Celebrity 
  7. Mr. Policeman 
  8. I’m Still A Guy 
  9. Letter To Me 
  10. I’m Gonna Miss Her (Fishin’ Song) 
  11. Instrumental during screen animation 
  12. Whiskey Lullaby 
  13. Acoustic Performance with Jewel – That’s the Way Love Goes 
  14. When I Get Where I’m Going 
  15. Online 
  16. Alcohol
  1. Ticks 
  2. Good Times Roll

Published in the Star Exponent 7-25-08 - Paisley Party Comes to Town

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