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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sugarland Love on the Inside Tour

Sugarland in Roanoke, VA 06-26-09

Now that Jennifer Nettles has to take more vocal rest to protect those wonderful pipes of hers I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to see Sugarland perform their “Love on the Inside” tour this summer in Roanoke, VA. Sugarland’s concert was truly a feast for the senses with all the props and special effects. Beautifully ornate hanging lamps, enormous lanterns, umbrellas with tiny lights, bubbles softly floating down and confetti falling from the ceiling plus the ebb and flow of stage lighting all served to create various moods throughout the evening.

Jennifer Nettles appeared to hold nothing back during Sugarland’s energetic performance. Her vocals were spot on and you would never know there was any hint of a problem. She had the audience wrapped around her finger with her spontaneity, playfulness and charm. Meanwhile guitarist, Kristian Bush made friends with the crowd by tossing picks, shaking hands, nodding and pointing to fans.

Sugarland opened with an expressive rendition of “Love” followed by the crowd pleasing “Settlin’” and “It Happens.” Jennifer Nettles is as much fun to watch as she is to listen to. With her body movement and facial expressions she becomes an extension of whatever song she’s singing. The acoustic version of “Genevieve” was delightful, “Blood on Snow” was a powerful new song and who doesn’t like (and sing along with) “All I Want to Do?”

Ever full of surprises Jennifer, Kristian and their band donned wigs and caps for the encore performance of the B52’s “Love Shack” and I was sad to see the evening come to an end. This had to be one of my all-time favorite concerts.

Having Holly Williams (daughter of Hank Williams, Jr.) and Billy Currington as opening acts was certainly a smart move. I had never heard Holly before and she was terrific. Her current single “Keep the Change” is quite good. By the time she concluded her brief acoustic performance she’d definitely captured the attention of the audience and won new fans.

Billy Currington was smooth, laid back and engaging as he sang a mix of old and new songs. His current single “People Are Crazy” is climbing up the charts and got a great response from the crowd as did the familiar and sassy “Must Be Doin’ Something Right.” His band is very talented and I enjoyed the entire set. It was over all too quickly but word was that he was going to play at a club later that night after the concert. I’m sure many folks headed over to hear more. Billy closed with “Good Directions” so I hope anyone going to the club after the concert got good directions and met up with Billy for that second show.

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