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Monday, October 5, 2009

Pajama Jam - October 2, 2009


Imagine 900 women gathered together for dinner and a concert dressed in pajamas and slippers. That’s what happened October 2nd at the Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, VA for the 6th annual Pajama Jam for Breast Cancer awareness benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Money was raised though ticket sales, raffles and a silent auction for various items ranging from autographed posters and guitars to a pair of pants worn by Kenny Chesney.

Donating their time for the “Jam” this year were artists Josh Thompson, James Otto, and Jake Owen. Josh Thompson arrived appropriately attired in pajamas although he kept his boots on. He entertained the lively audience with a variety of cover songs plus the song he wrote for Jason Michael Carroll, “Growing Up Is Getting Old” and Josh’s latest single, “Beer on the Table.”

James Otto took command of the stage after Josh and his booming voice matched his towering size. I was blown away by his rendition of “In Color” – a song he co-wrote with Jamey Johnson and Lee Miller. And of course he had the ladies eating out of his hand with “Just Got Started Lovin’ You.”

James signed a guitar to auction after his set and the bidding wars began. When the dust settled the winning bid totaled $1,000. The winner revealed her motivation for such a high bid: her co-worker had just been diagnosed with cancer. Not only did she receive the guitar but she won a kiss from James.

Jake Owen kept the excitement going with his performance. Singing many crowd favorites like “Cherry On Top,” “Anything For You,” “8 Second Ride,” he was hard pressed to keep his seat on the stool provided for the acoustic set. He did stand up briefly for “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You” unwinding the microphone cord from its stand so he could move around at least a little.

He told a very entertaining story about his experience at the CMA Awards this year and his view from the front row near the edge of the stage looking up. Some of those girls should take that into consideration when choosing their wardrobes and the length of their skirts.

Being the prolific songwriter that he is, Jake sang a song inspired by that situation that had us all in stitches. Even he got tickled when singing it. I’m not sure it will ever make it onto one of his albums but it certainly was funny.

However there was one unfinished song he shared that I certainly hope he completes someday because all the ladies loved it:
“Hey baby, I’m taking off early this afternoon,
I’m gonna be home soon and I’m sure gonna love on you.
Don’t worry, I’ve already made the plans, honey.
‘Cause I’m your man and that’s what I’m supposed to do.
I’m gonna hold you close and take my time,
Feel your body move with mine,
Run my fingers through your hair,

I’m gonna kiss you honey from head to toe...
Right now, that’s all you need to know.

Don’t worry ‘bout puttin’ on a thing to wear
‘Cause we got nowhere to go… and all night to get there."

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