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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jack Ingram's Acoustic Motel Tour


My girlfriends and I spent the afternoon walking around the beautiful town of Annapolis, Maryland before heading into Ram’s Head Tavern for Jack Ingram’s Acoustic Motel Tour Thursday, March 25th.  As we took a seat at our table we were pleasantly surprised at the cozy atmosphere.  Jack had placed a lamp beside a leather chair on stage giving an intimate feel to the room.  The lighting was kept low and no flash photography was allowed.

Jack was comfortably casual on stage, just him and his guitar, singing and chatting with the audience between songs, telling stories and cracking jokes.  His dad was the brunt of some of the jokes as he talked about their occasionally turbulent relationship.  He wrote “Biloxi” for his dad and sang it to him on Father’s day one year.  It was not a flattering song and Jack confessed that once he became a father himself he had a change of heart and later wrote a “Biloxi part two” entitled “The Measure of a Man.”

He was especially charming when talking about his children.  I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to “Ava Adele” but I’ll never hear it the same way again knowing Jack wrote it about his daughter.

Jack also shared about his struggles as an artist beginning with his first album in 1995 and how long he waited to get that number one hit year after year, label after label, song after song.  Jack listened every week to the Top 40 count down hoping to hear one of his songs break into the top 40 and make it to number one.  It finally happened in 2006 with “Wherever You Are.”

When Jack sang “Barefoot and Crazy” he stopped just after singing “cool wet kiss” and said, “When I wrote that, I thought it was really sexy.  But I’ve gotta tell you a story...”  And he proceeded to tell about the day when he arrived at a venue and took a walk through a field to stretch his legs.  Lo and behold this good looking blond came walking toward him and he didn’t know what to say to her.  As she talked he realized she knew who he was and he began to feel more confident.  Then she told him she loved the song with the “cool whip kiss” and Jack just nodded yes but didn’t have any idea what she was talking about.  She realized by the look in his eyes that he was clueless so she pressed on, “You know...  the one about being barefoot and jumpin' in?”  “Ahhhh, yes” Jack said, “the cool whip kiss,” then he looked at us and said with a grin, “Adds a whole other dimension to the song, doesn’t it?”  and finished singing the song using “cool whip kiss” in place of “cool wet kiss” while we all sang along.

Jack continued to sing, telling stories now and then and we didn't want our evening to end.  Jack thoroughly entertained us, making us feel right at home.

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