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Friday, April 9, 2010

George Strait & Reba in Charlottesville, VA

GEORGE & REBA – Worth the Wait!

For Christmas this past year my brother, sister and I went together and surprised our 95-year-old father with tickets to see George Strait and Reba McEntire in Charlottesville, VA on January 30.  Dad was thrilled with the gift and said it was the perfect ticket because they are “two of his favorite country music singers” as he told his friends.

Then the big snow of 2010 hit and the concert was postponed until Saturday, April 3.   Thankfully it wasn’t canceled.

The big day finally came and we arrived at JPJ Arena a little early.  I checked to see if my hopes for Dad to be able to meet Reba would be a reality.  It was confirmed and I could finally let him in on the secret.  He was SO surprised!  Then he said, "I wish I’d known ahead of time so I'd have some crosses to give her." (Dad's hobby is wood working and he makes tiny wooden crosses to give away as gifts). I told him not to worry; I knew he would want to do that so I tucked some extra crosses in my purse just in case.

The meet and greet was held after Reba finished her performance and before George Strait took the stage.  We made our way up and down several stairs to get to the appointed location which was quite an effort for Dad but he never complained.  We stood among 30-35 people waiting our turn to meet "the Queen of Country."  After I met Reba I turned and said, "Reba, this is my 95-year-old father who's really been looking forward to meeting you tonight."  Dad stepped up to her and took her hand.  She said, "Well it's a pleasure to meet you," throwing an arm around Dad's shoulders.  Dad said, "I've been waiting 95 years to meet you!"  Reba laughed that delightful laugh of hers.  Then Dad said, "I have something for you," and pressed three tiny wooden crosses into her hand.  Reba said, "Are all of these for me?" to which Dad replied, "Yes m'am!"  Reba thanked him and said it was a pleasure to meet him.  They had their photo taken together and Dad was grinning from ear to ear the rest of the evening.

If you’ve ever seen a concert “in the round” you know the stage is set up in the middle of the arena and the artists have to be mobile to involve everyone in their performance, however it’s nearly impossible for them not to turn their backs to a portion of the crowd at some point.

Both Lee Ann Womack (the opening act) and Reba McEntire moved around quite a bit during their sets, occasionally staying on one side or another to perform a song.  George Strait, on the other hand, moved methodically from corner to corner staying to sing two songs before moving on to the next corner.  All three artists totally entertained the capacity crowd for well over three hours Saturday night.

When I asked Dad what he thought of the concert he shook his head and said, “It’s just amazing how they can sing so loud for so long!”  I laughed and said, “Well Dad, they have a lot of help with microphones, sound systems and speakers.”  “I know,” he replied, “but they still sing pretty loud for a long time and they have lots of songs to remember too.”  He had a point.

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