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Monday, May 24, 2010

Brad Paisley's Water Tour - Bristow, VA


I should have known.  With a name like “The Water Tour” and its ominous beginning with most of Brad Paisley’s equipment lost during the Nashville flood we were destined to get wet when the weather forecast called for a chance of rain.  Sure enough just as they opened the gates for the concert it began to pour.

At least the performers on the side stage “Water World Plaza” were covered but all of us concert goers were left to fend for ourselves.  Ponchos, caps, umbrellas, tarps – whatever could be found was used to defend against the rain.  Many just gave up and got wet.

The fact that we showed up and endured was not lost on the artists.  Over and over again they expressed their appreciation for all the people who supported them and their music enough to stand in the rain and sing along.

Steel Magnolia, Josh Thompson and Easton Corbin all did a great job on the side stage and the crowd never diminished, in fact it was constantly building despite the falling rain.

Finally it was time for the main stage acts.  Justin Moore was full of sass and swagger and a deep southern boy drawl as he kicked things off with his current hit “Backwoods.”  He seemed comfortable interacting with the crowd and moving about.  There were times during his set when I saw a hint of Dwight Yoakam in his body movements.

Darius Rucker credits country radio for his current success and seemed genuinely happy to be performing for his fans.  His emotion was contagious.   Whether he was singing the fun-loving “Alright,” a tender ballad like “It Won’t Be Like This For Long,” a song from his Hootie & the Blow Fish days “Hold My Hand,” or even a Prince cover like “Purple Rain,” Darius had folks dancing in the aisles, singing and having a great time right along with him.


Brad Paisley promised to “rock our faces off” and indeed he went the extra mile for his fans.  Brad rarely stayed in one place all night long frequently walking the catwalk, venturing down into the crowd to play a guitar solo, later leaving the stage walking through the audience playing and singing then camping out on a little satellite stage way out in the 300 section for a couple of songs before returning to the main stage.  Looking out in amazement at all the people packing the lawn Brad was extremely appreciative for their perseverance as the rain continued to fall.

I’m always impressed by Brad’s animations and high tech video screen.  I wasn’t the only one who did a double take when the spotlight landed on Alison Krauss sitting on a stool in the corner of the stage during “Whisky Lullaby.”  For a moment I thought she was really there.  Having Andy Griffith appear on screen during “Waitin’ On A Woman” was equally as much fun especially the outtake after the song.

I have to give kudos to Brad Paisley and his team for pulling together and getting this wonderful show on the road in such a timely fashion.   Rain or shine, this concert is a must see.   It’s brimming with talent, overflowing with fun and even if you get soaking wet when you go – they sell really nice t-shirts!

Link to Water Tour Concert photos by CWalker

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