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Because of this I don't attend many concerts anymore. I try to be selective in choosing a show and do my best to relax and enjoy the experience. I no longer stress about getting the perfect photo or remembering some occurrence so I can write about it.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Trace Adkins in Harrisonburg, VA August 18, 2010


Trace Adkins certainly had his “game on” recently at the Rockingham County Fair in Harrisonburg, VA.  It was August 18, and his new album, “Cowboy’s Back In Town,” had just been released the day before (available on iTunes).  Trace was in rare form, joking and laughing with the audience between songs.

Trace had a little fun with the Queen and Princesses of the Fair asking if they thought their crowns were real.  He then turned the joke back on himself saying his wife and daughters believed they were born wearing crowns.

Trace performed a wide variety of his many hits and crowd favorites, plus his new single, “This Ain’t No Love Song.”  He also introduced some additional selections from the new CD – “Hell, I Can Do That,” “Hold My Beer,” “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” all of which had us rolling in the aisles with laughter.

Eventually Trace pointed to a young lady in the crowd and said “Stop all that jumpin’, you’re making me tired.”  Then he looked at us, shook his head and with that lopsided grin of his declared, “That girl’s been jumpin’ up and down all night!”   Later Trace singled out someone waving a hat and asked, “Is that my hat?  Well come on up here!” and proceeded to autograph the hat.

Toward the end of the evening Trace laughingly proclaimed “My album just came out yesterday and I don’t know who scheduled this concert but it musta been a mistake!  I gotta go to New York tomorrow morning for the Today Show and I’m gonna sound like crap!”  Everyone laughed, cheered and applauded.
It’s impressive that Trace kept his commitment to a small county fair, gave it his all and still planned to appear on national T.V. the next day.  I made sure I watched Trace Adkins on the Today Show.  It was mentioned that he drove through the night to get there and you know what?  He didn’t sound like “crap” at all.

Trace Adkins Concert Pics by CWalker

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rascal Flatts - Bristow, VA August 14, 2010


Rascal Flatts rolled their “Nothing Like This Tour” into Bristow, VA Friday, August 14.  Catching a break from the sweltering heat and ferocious thunderstorms attacking our area recently, the weather was delightfully balmy with reduced humidity – just perfect for a concert.

RCA recording artist, Chris Young, opened the show with his rich baritone vocals and country boy charm.  Chris appeared to enjoy himself on stage, joking with his band mates during “Beer and Gasoline,” and easily shifted gears, appealing to family values singing “Voices” and “The Man I Want to Be.”  The ladies in the crowd certainly seemed “thunderstruck” as Chris sang his number 1 hit “Gettin’ You Home.”

Kellie Pickler sure brought the heat when she arrived on stage.  Dressed in a little black dress that had the guys following her every move, Kellie danced and pranced through songs like “Best Days of Your Life,” “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You,” “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful,”  and “Red High Heels.”  When she slowed things down with “I Wonder,” I noticed a lot of bling – her microphone sparkled and so did the engagement ring from her fiancĂ©, Kyle Jacobs.

Rascal Flatts promised ‘Nothing Like This Tour’ and they had a couple of roving reporters with a film crew seeking people to interview and project on the hi-def screen between artists.   Let me just say we saw folks with very unique “talents” in addition to some cute couples – one teenage couple on their first date managed to get that awkward first kiss out of the way early.  Oh my!

Rascal Flatts (Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney) finally took the stage to thunderous applause and sang hit after hit.  Celebrating 10 years of music they mixed old and new songs together like: “Praying for Daylight,” “I’m Movin’ On,” “Mayberry,” “I Melt,” “These Days,” with “Me and My Gang,” “Fast Cars and Freedom,” “Here’s To You,” “What Hurts the Most,” “Here Comes Goodbye,” and “Unstoppable.”  They also introduced their newest single, “Why Wait” about a guy who’s already bought his girl a diamond ring and can’t wait to get to church and get married.
I was impressed once again with Rascal Flatts’ rich harmonies, showcased even more beautifully when they talked about how they began singing in church at an early age and broke into the hymn “Oh the Blood of Jesus.”  They continued to demonstrate their versatility singing snippets of “Take It To the Limit” (Eagles) and “Open Arms” (Journey) then followed up with a classic Rascal Flatts song “Bless the Broken Road.”
Up-tempo “Life Is A Highway” and encore “Summer Nights” which included Chris Young and Kellie Pickler had the crowd on its feet singing loud and strong.  There’s nothing like those Flatts boys…

Click to view Cheryl's photos from the concert

Published: Star Exponent
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brooks and Dunn in Bristow, VA August 1, 2010


Brooks and Dunn came to Bristow, VA on August 1 to present their Last Rodeo Tour before they part ways.  It was a rousing, fun-loving, charming, and bittersweet performance for the duo.

Adding some edge to the country sound for the evening was opener Gary Allan.  Mixing rockier tunes such as, “Get Off On the Pain,” “She’s So California,” “Learning How to Bend,” with tender ballads like “Best I Ever Had,” and “Today” Gary seemed to enjoy seeing and hearing fans sing his songs back to him.

However Gary was upstaged by his own dog, Lucy, when he brought her on stage for his final number.  I was amazed at how well Lucy obeyed her master, sitting close to his feet at the end of the catwalk amid thousands of cheering fans.  I could only shake my head and imagine how my dog would react in that situation, possibly doing some serious damage to someone.

The crowd enthusiastically received Brooks & Dunn apparently forgiving them for postponing their originally scheduled show June 19 when Ronnie Dunn had vocal problems.   During the concert both Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn took the opportunity to thank their fans for making their ride to country music fame and fortune possible.  In return they did something daring in the middle of their set – they let the audience pick a song for them to sing that was not already on the set list.  With Brooks & Dunn’s deep repertoire that was a risky move but when someone called out “That’s What She Gets for Loving Me” they sang it flawlessly although Ronnie certainly breathed a sigh of relief when it was over.

There was a lot of humorous banter between the two men all evening long.  At one point in the show Ronnie Dunn bemoaned the fact that he never got to wear a cowboy hat like popular country music artists Tim McGraw or Kenny Chesney, purposefully leaving his hat wearing partner, Kix Brooks, off the list.  Ronnie said that in order to show he’s a real cowboy he had to do something drastic and proceeded to show us his arm with a tattoo of the word COWBOY in big black letters.

As always Brooks & Dunn made sure they honored the various branches of our military.  Servicemen stood at attention during “Only in America” as celebratory streamers fell reminding us of the cost of the freedom we enjoy.

When Brooks and Dunn sang “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone” – I thought, “We sure will, country music won’t be the same without you guys!”

See Brooks & Dunn Concert Photos by CWalker

Brooks & Dunn Set List:
  1. Play Something Country
  2. You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl
  3. Momma Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing
  4. Hillbilly Delux
  5. Put A Girl In It
  6. You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone
  7. Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You
  8. Last Rodeo
  9. Lost and Found
  10. That’s What She Get’s For Loving Me
  11. It’s Getting Better All The Time
  12. Cowgirls Don’t Cry
  13. My Next Broken Heart
  14. How Long Gone
  15. Red Dirt Road
  16. Believe
  17. She Likes To Get Out Of Town
  18. Neon Moon
  19. Rock My World Little Country Girl
  20. Only In America
  21. My Maria
  1. Brand New Man
  2. Boot Scootin’ Boogie
    Article Published: The Star Exponent  
    Reposted: Urban Country Blog and Got Country?

I've had a few folks ask the name of the young couple who opened the show before Gary Allan & Brooks & Dunn took the stage.  That would be Thompson Square comprised of married couple Keifer & Shawna Thompson.  They sang their first single "Let's Fight" but I enjoyed their newest release "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?" a lot more.  Best of luck to this talented duo who will be going on tour with Jason Aldean from October 21 through November 20.