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Friday, July 29, 2011

Keith Urban in Wasington, D.C. July 28, 2011


Keith Urban’s “Get Closer” tour provided ample opportunity for Urban fans to do just that at the Verizon Center July 28th.  After performing several popular songs like “Put You in a Song,” “Days Go By,” “Only You Can Love Me This Way,” “Long Hot Summer,” and “Stupid Boy,” Urban left the main stage and ventured out into the crowd.  Passing within arm’s reach of two of my friends they observed a gleeful Urban flanked by security being high-fived, patted on the back, touched and grabbed by numerous fans along the way to a circular satellite stage near the middle of the arena.

Out in the midst of the crowd Urban performed “I’m In,” “Jeans On,” and then sat down to sing “You’ll Think of Me” as the platform began to slowly rotate and rise from the floor giving everyone a clear view.  Afterward  he cheerily braved the masses making his way back to the main stage and reminded us all of his extraordinary guitar skills with a blistering guitar solo during “’Til Summer Comes Around."

As Urban surveyed the many colorful signs scattered among the crowd one in particular caught his eye proclaiming “Nicole Says It’s O.K. For You To Kiss Me.”  Pretending to text his wife for permission, Urban invited the young lady on stage, gave her a kiss on the cheek and posed for a photo. 

She was not the only fan invited on stage.  During the song “Sweet Thing” three volunteers from the audience were selected by Urban for a friendly competition of “Urban Karaoke.”   Each volunteer sang a round of the chorus and the soloist earning the most applause won the privilege of finishing the song with Urban while the other two sang with band members all in good fun.

Just when we thought Urban was on the main stage to stay he took off once again, this time into the far reaches of the second level to sing “You Look Good In My Shirt” where he left a signed guitar in the hands of an astonished fan.

In the end it was a country rocking, good time party hosted by Keith Urban where concert goers were made to feel like honored guests.  Urban acknowledged each section of the arena then declared how much he appreciated the fact that we took the time and spent our hard earned money to come share a couple hours with him especially during “these uncertain economic times.”

Jake Owen
Concert opener Jake Owen served to whet the crowd’s appetite delivering up a nice mix of his hits (“Yee Haw,” “Startin’ With Me,” “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You,”) with selections from his new album set to be released August 30th.  If the songs “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and “Trip to Heaven” are any indication of what’s in store, we’re definitely in for a treat.

Set List for Keith Urban 07-28-2011

1)    Put You In A Song
2)    You Gonna Fly
3)    Boondocks (snippet of Little Big Town cover)
4)    Only You Can Love Me This Way
5)    Long Hot Summer
6)    Stupid Boy
7)    Silly Love Songs (Paul McCartney cover)
8)    Making Memories Of Us

Satellite Stage
9)    I'm In
10)    Jeans On
11)    You'll Think Of Me
12)    Days Go By
13)    I Told You So
14)    Til Summer Comes Around
15)    Sweet Thing
16)    Kiss A Girl (with fans on stage)
17)    Without You
18)    Somebody Like You
19)    Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
20)    Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (Waylon Jennings cover)

Band member Covers:
21)    With Or Without You (U2 cover - snippet, sung by Jerry Flowers, bass guitar player)
22)    American Girl (Tom Petty cover - snippet, sung by Danny Radar, guitarist)
23)    It's a Long Way to the Top (AC/DC cover - snippet, sung by Brian Nutter, guitarist)

Song performed in upper level
24)    You Look Good In My Shirt

25)    Tonight I Wanna Cry
26)    Better Life

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